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Southern Pacific Brewing Company

The first time I paid Southern Pacific Brewing Company a visit it was with no advanced knowledge or preparation—in fact, I was hard pressed to find anyone who’d heard of it much less visited it. Tucked away on Treat Avenue in the Mission District of San Francisco amidst other warehouses I ventured there with a sense of purpose in my step and a thirst for craft beer (and a thumbs-up to a lot of free … Continue reading →

Bike to Brew Chapter One: East Bay

A little background to this post… one of the things I love most about living in the Bay Area, especially compared to Southern California, is how commutable the area can be without a car. While hosting a pretty darned good mass transit system, San Francisco often ranks fairly high on lists of “most bike friendly city in the United States” and I can confirm this being true as a daily bike commuter. There’s another list, … Continue reading →

Concord’s Hidden Gem

Excuse the personal plug (I swear it’s connected to beer!) but I happen to work for a terrific start-up called Madefire and we’re producing a cutting edge digital reading experience whose DNA firmly resides in comic books. The first Thursday of every month we host a “Story Night” where we open our studio doors, buy a lot of beer (much of which I hand-pick!) and order a bunch of pizzas and invite any and everyone to … Continue reading →

Get your kicks…at Elevation 66

When I first learned I would be relocating to the East Bay late last summer, I immediately began scouring the area for local brewpubs, beer bars, etc., through, my dog-eared copy of Good Beer Guide West Coast USA and asking everyone I knew about the area. Not knowing exactly where I was going to live, I primarily focused on Berkeley (my new office location) and found some great places: Pyramid, Triple Rock, Jupiter; and … Continue reading →

Of Frogs and Grog

We recently found ourselves returning home from a family oriented day trip when we were approaching Fairfield, CA. Having only managed snacking throughout the early afternoon (as it was a finger-food potluck gathering that we were retreating from) we started discussing the possibility of getting a bite to eat and my wife noted a local brewpub that she’d visited the week before—the Blue Frog Grog and Grill [warning: obnoxious auto-playing music]. My daughter quickly became … Continue reading →