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American Craft Beer Week

This week is American Craft Beer Week. What is it?

May 15-21, 2006 is designated as a time for all legal-drinking-age Americans to explore and celebrate the flavorful beverages produced by our small, traditional and independent brewers.

By visiting breweries during American Craft Beer Week, you can earn a free pair of pint glasses, an embroidered shirt and even a free trip to the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado this September.

This chance to win prizes? Apparently you can download and print out their "Great American Beer Tour Passport" and have every brewery you visit endorse it; you get points for each brewery. Mail it in, and based on how many points you earned, you can acquire various goodies… and if you collect the most points, you win a trip to the Great American Beer Festival in September.

I figure if you live in Portland, this might be an accomplishable goal…