American Macro Week

American Macro WeekHere we are, the third Monday of the month, that means it’s time for Theme Week here at the Brew Site. This month’s theme I announced earlier is American Macro Week.

Why? I haven’t seen any real comparative, comprehensive tasting comparison of all of these. Plus, as much as I seek out new beers to try, I’m woefully under-educated when it comes to the macros. Plus, it sounded kind of fun. Plus, well, just because.

("Somebody had to do it.")

There’s a lot of American macrobrews out there, not even counting the various "craft macros" (like Coors’ Blue Moon line) that are springing up: my focus for AMW is on the "cheap" beer, the light lagers and (maybe) malt liquors. The "traditional" American macro.

My methodology (if you want to call it that) is to avoid six-packs (I don’t need that many) and bottles (to avoid possible skunkiness and thereby give all the beers a fair shake) and go straight to single, 24-ounce cans. (Or smaller, if a 24-ounce version isn’t available.) I kind of like the symmetry of comparing that to sampling a 22-ounce bomber of microbrew.

So I’m hitting the "Big Four" (the Big Three of A-B, Miller, and Coors, plus Pabst) and reviewing as many of their light lagers as I can. I may hit some malt liquors later in the week, but I don’t know yet.

(And while I’ll be posting a lot of reviews this week, I’ve been spacing the actual drinking out over the past week already—so I’m not perpetually drunk. I’m not that hardcore.)