American Macro Week: Coors Light

American Macro WeekCoors Light is pretty ubiquitous around these parts (Central Oregon); it’s always on the menu at restaurants and seems to be the one available whenever somebody is offering beer (and doesn’t have microbrew).

And even though it’s a "light" beer, it seems therefore to be the flagship from Coors (even though they’re heavily promoting their original "Banquet" beer here as their flagship). It’s the infamous "Silver Bullet" beer that’s "frost brewed"… it’s also targeted at the low-cal, lower-alcohol beer market. It accomplishes just that at 4.2% alcohol.

Reviewed from the 24-ounce can. The one with the "Frost Brew Liner"—the inside of the can is blue.

Coors LightAppearance: Pale yellow-gold, super clear, with a minimal rough white head that disappeared almost immediately. Palest yellow color yet.

Smell: Wow, almost no profile here at all… the barest hint of grain.

Taste: Almost watery with a touch of biscuit grains on the periphery. Amazingly clean… almost a "hard water" character going on—and I mean literally, it tastes like hard water…

Mouthfeel: Super clean and thin—much like the hard water character I noted. A little bit gassy. Smooth, too.

The verdict: "Light" really means just that… amazing lack of body and flavor here—I do have to give props for the ability to produce this beer, it is so light and so bland that I am in awe. Personally, though, this isn’t much more than a palate cleanser… least favorite so far (one to avoid).

On BeerAdvocate, it scores a letter grade of D- (the Bros. give it an F). On RateBeer, it scores 1.31 out of 5, and is in their 1st percentile.