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American Macro Week: Budweiser Select

Budweiser Select. Another in the Bud family from Anheuser-Busch, introduced very recently (2005) as their super-premium beer and I think it’s an all malt brew; their spec sheet talks about two-row and caramel malts and doesn’t mention any adjuncts.

It’s also targeted at the low-car, low-alcohol market, without expressly being called a "light" beer… it’s only 99 calories (per 12 ounces) and 4.3% alcohol. Reviewed from the 24-ounce can.

Appearance: Gold-yellow and clear; white head that falls quickly, leaving "false" lacing. It looks like it’s trying to leave lacing, but there’s really nothing there…

Smell: A bit stale, but mostly clean and neutral. Malted grains, a tad sweet.

Taste: Some sweet corn and grains; toasted cereal. The cereal character is what’s there, what’s defining the beer; there’s no hops—but no off-flavors like plain-vanilla Budweiser either.

Mouthfeel: Very crisp and clean—light beer with a "snap." No aftertaste or residue.

The verdict: It’s okay… better than plain Budweiser and (definitely) Bud Light, but it still has a remarkable neutrality. It is very clean, as advertised on the can… this might be the cleanest finish of the bunch, but since it’s so neutral, it’s not much more than an "eh."

On BeerAdvocate, it scores a grade of D (D- from the Bros.). On RateBeer, it scores 1.36 and is in their 1st percentile.