So it’s American Craft Beer Week…

American Craft Beer Weekan event which I’ve blogged about in the past but somehow managed to sneak up on me this year. I must be losing my touch!

American Craft Beer Week (May 12-18), which is celebrated annually, highlights the industry and culture of craft beer. This year, breweries and beer makers will also recognize their collective charitable contributions. For the first time ever, the Brewers Association announced U.S. craft breweries’ charitable contributions, and for 2007 they are estimated to be more than $20 million.

Various breweries around the country are participating; check out the Brewery Events page to see if there are any in your state near you. For instance, according to that, Deschutes Brewery has The Abyss on tap all week long.

So you’d better get moving.

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  1. We are very excited about going to SAVOR tonight to celebrate American Craft Beer Week. I saw that last year the theme was "Visit Your Local Brewery" where they were encouraging beer lovers to travel the country in appreciation of great beer. At Foodie Tours, that is what we are all about! Traveling for food! It’s a shame that they aren’t doing it again this year. For my blog on SAVOR and American Craft Beer Week I’m going to try and hunt down some domestic craft beer tours, most beer tours we’ve found and included in our database are in Europe. If you know of any please do email!

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