Rebuilding Alamogordo Brewing Company

Here’s a story about the rebuilding of the microbrewery that became the Alamogordo Brewing Company, in New Mexico; basically it’s a longtime homebrewer’s dream job, becoming the brewmaster for a local brewpub.

While he said the restaurant does not pay him as brewmaster, it did offer the enticing opportunity to expand his hobby and take on the master brewer moniker. But before he could ever start the nuts and bolts of mixing hops and yeast there were the nuts and bolts of plumbing to piece together.

"I went in and installed the boiler systems and the pipes and we got her basically up and running," English said. "Because of the limited funds — we’re missing a lot of equipment — I had to take my knowledge of brewing and resort back to techniques that are pretty much 5,000 years old. This is quite literally the oldest form of chemistry known to man."

The funniest part of the article, though, is that it digresses into a whole paragraph on who Rube Goldberg was, entirely out-of-joint with the rest of the article. Was the writer trying to fill space?