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Advent Beer Calendar: Day 18: Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale

Back to America again with today’s beer, Anderson Valley‘s Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale. I’ve enjoyed Anderson Valley’s beer in the past (they brew a good amber), but haven’t had this one. They say:

Luscious, creamy, smooth, and warming, this medium bodied ale is brewed with Caramel and crystal malts to give it just a hint of sweetness, then paired with our private blend of holiday spice.

It racks up a score of 85 on BeerAdvocate, 95% approval. It sits at a hefty 6.9% alcohol.

Anderson Valley’s website indicates that Winter Solstice is "going fast," so you’d probably better grab a bottle if you see it. Unless you think that’s just marketing hype… but you could grab a bottle anyway. :)