Advent Beer Calendar: Day 14: Full Sail Wassail

Full Sail Wassail winter ale labelAhh, Full Sail Brewing—one of the flagship breweries of Oregon. And their Wassail is a nice festive selection for today. Wassail is brewed "with four different malts and a blend of imported hops," and has 6.5% alcohol by volume.

BeerAdvocate: 86 (out of 100) with 96% thumbs-up. In the interest of fairness, though, I’ll point out that on the first page of reviews, there is the widest disparity between two reviewers that I’ve seen: one gives a score of 1.65 (out of 5), the other 4.5. The low review says:

I can’t believe I’m drinking the same beer as other people, or the same beer as I’ve had in years past, for that matter. This beer is, in a word, lame. And sad. And pretty close to tasteless.

Whereas the high-end review says, "The taste is pure heaven…malt, cinnamon, more malt, chocolate. Lots of volume, and nothing left behind. The flavor just goes on and on…. I absolutely love this beer. Superb!"

Go figure. I’ll say this though: I’ve never been disappointed with this beer. It’s definitely worth it if you can find it.

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