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Advent Beer Calendar: Day 16: Santa’s Private Reserve

Today we have Santa’s Private Reserve from the incomparable Rogue Brewery here in Oregon. This beer is essentially a double-hopped St. Rogue Red, including "a mystery hop called Rudolph". But don’t let that fool you; if you find this beer, you’ll be in for a treat.

It scores 87 on BeerAdvocate, with 99% approval. It also has more positive and 4+ (out of 5) scores on the first page of reviews than any other beer I’ve looked up so far, I think. The same holds true on the second and third pages, too… though frankly, that’s what I would expect from a Rogue Ale.

…Yes, in my opinion they’re that good. I do wish they would brew more seasonals, though. Perhaps next year…

This beer clocks in at 6% alcohol—not huge, but consider that you’ll likely find this in 22-ounce bottles… meaning, you’ll feel the kick when you’re done with one!