Advent Beer Calendar: Day 17: Mahr’s Christmas Bock

Mahr's Christmas BockI didn’t realize until today that I hadn’t included any German beers on the Beer Advent Calendar… so I’ll rectify that now. Mahr‘s Christmas Bock is today’s selection.

Based on the BeerAdvocate profile (the website is all German, with no English that I can find), this is a malty maibock style weighing in at 6.5% alcohol by volume. It’s not a typical holiday beer; one review notes:

You have to love the Germans. While everyone else is putting out holiday ales that are either spiced or hopped to the heavens, the Deutschland takes this time of year to put out a malt bomb.

And another says,

I don’t know what makes this a ‘Christmas’ bock, as nothing in this beer really stands out. But taken all together – it is mighty fine.

It scores a respectable 84 with 96% approval.