Advent Beer Calendar: Day 7: BridgePort Ebenezer Ale

BridgePort Brewing Ebenezer AleToday I’m coming back closer to home and selecting BridgePort’s Ebenezer Ale. It’s a rich, strong, medium-hoppy beer. It’s been awhile since I’ve had this, but from what I remember it was a pleasantly strong winter warmer. Though reading some of the reviews on BeerAdvocate makes me think I missed something:

Cinnamon potpourri aromas. Gaudy Christmas "craft store" fragrance with too many scented candles and altogether too many cinnamon knick-knacks. Red grapes and a bit of a vinous tone appears.

Flavors of cinnamon-dusted cherries. Rich moist holiday spice cake. A flurry of rugged alcohol burn. Maltiness of caramel and toffee. A modest dusting of cocoa powder. Dry hoppiness. Slight fruitiness in the aftertaste.

Others similar to that make me think "fruitcake." But it did well overall: 84 out of 100 and 94% thumbs-up. Pick up a sixpack and try it out; hopefully you won’t be saying "humbug" :).


  1. I loved Ebenezer in previous years, but this year’s batch tasted kind of meh. A little metallic, and just not as good as last year. Did anyone else notice this?

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