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Advent Beer Calendar: Day 19: La Choulette de Noël

I picked today’s beer based on a glowing review by Alan of A Good Beer Blog: La Choulette De Noël. However, this won’t be a beer for the faint of heart, I think; Alan writes:

Dark copper ale under an off-white creamy rich head. The aroma is horse blanket which sat in rotting potato peels for a week. Sound disgusting? It is not but that is French country ale – beer for people who eat blue cheese and the flesh of horses. A touch of fig and date below and a bit of nut, too. Hazelnut cracked shell – dry and dusty within the richness.

And over on BeerAdvocate, this review note caught my eye:

The idea here seems to be "transparency" — what some may describe as "thinness." The point is to capture natural, ordained flavor in the most discreetly textured medium possible. On that measure, this is a stunning success.

It scores 85 over there, with 96% thumbs-up.

After reading the reviews, I’m coveting this beer. It would be, as Alan says, "the prize."