Advent Beer Calendar: Day 10: Celebration Ale

Sierra Nevada Celebration AleI picked up a six-pack of Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale today and realized it would be an ideal pick for today’s beer. Sierra Nevada is one of America’s oldest and best craft breweries, and their beers prove it. Celebration Ale scores an outstanding 90 (out of a hundred) on BeerAdvocate with 99% approval.

I always like it when the website offers suggested food pairings; Sierra Nevada’s is:

With an ale as big as Celebration, you need a dish assertive enough to hold its own. Rich meats such as prime rib, lamb, or wild fowl underscore Celebration’s huge aroma, making a wonderful holiday meal. Intense, earthy pastas also work well—try goat cheese ravioli, a rich fettuccine, or gnocchi with Gorgonzola cheese sauce.

I haven’t sampled any of the six-pack I bought today, but now I’m looking forward to it tomorrow!


  1. I sampled this one at the Holiday Ale Festival and didn’t like it. Neither did my friend Ryan, and I overheard someone else at the festival who didn’t have anything good to say about it.

  2. Celebration Ale is for the devotees of hops. The combination of Centenniel and Cascade are characteristic of Sierra Nevada’s beer, but in Celebration it’s at a higher volume. And with slightly more alochol, I think it makes a nice alternative to the usual thick and sweet holiday brews (not that there’s anything wrong with those, I just like variety).

  3. I picked up a six-pack of this year’s Celebration–gotta put my money where my mouth is, after all–and I quite like it. Strong and hoppy, it’s a good IPA/warmer. Maybe the Holiday Ale festival got a bad batch?

    But yes, you do also have to be a bit of a hophead to enjoy this beer…

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