Advent Beer Calendar 2008: Day 13: Weyerbacher Winter Ale

Weyerbacher Winter AleThe pick for today’s beer comes from Pennsylvania: Weyerbacher Winter Ale. This is a traditional Winter Warmer that has either 6.1% or 5.6% alcohol—the review sites say 6.1, the description (below) say otherwise.

At Weyerbacher we’ve created a Winter Ale that is a must for any malty beer lover. Winner of a Silver Medal in the 1998 World Beer Championships, Weyerbacher Winter Ale is brewed with deep-roasted chocolate malt. The taste predominates with a warm, roasty flavor, balanced out with a slightly dry finish. It’s smooth but not cloying, with a warming belt of alcohol (5.6% ABV).

Look for a malty, warming ale with mellow notes and tons of drinkability.

I love the label, too. I don’t know exactly what’s going on there, but it has a great painted cartoon quality to it and it’s fun.

BeerAdvocate grade: B-. RateBeer score: 3.17/5, 59th percentile.