Advent Beer Calendar 2008: Day 24: Nöel Baladin

Nöel BaladinIt’s the final day of the Advent Beer Calendar! Where did the month go already? Today’s pick comes from Italy, which is fast becoming known for their craft beer scene: Birra Baladin‘s Nöel Baladin.

This 9% alcohol beer is brewed in the style of a strong Belgian ale (according to the beer sites), and while the original site is all Italian, I did find this English description on the importer B. United page:

Le Baladin Noel is brewed in the tradition of an ancient winter warmer. A strong complex beer that will keep you warm during the cold months of winter and accompany any festivities.

Le Baladin Noel’s is an ale with an incredible complexity of aromas: flowery of rose, hint of dried fruits, caramel tasting, banana, cherry, plum, toffee, cocoa, licorice and peppery notes. Excellent with black chocolate, a glass of Nöel is perfect for a special night.

And I have to say, I think that the bottle itself (and label) is something special, too. It almost looks like a Christmas present already, without needing any additional wrapping.

BeerAdvocate grade: A-. RateBeer score: 3.44/5, 80th percentile.

Baladin Noel