Advent Beer Calendar 2007: Day 3: McMenamins Kris Kringle

McMenamins Kris KringleThis is the first year I’ve highlighted McMenamins‘ seasonal offering, Kris Kringle, and even though you can find it all over the Pacific Northwest—if you’re near a McMenamins, that is—you can only find it here. This is a brewpub-only beer.

Each year’s version of this is a bit different—I don’t know if they tweak the recipe, or if it just varies naturally based on variables and locations—but this year’s offering is really good, I think the best version I’ve had yet. The description they provide:

This "winter warmer" highlights the rich, toasty, aromatic and roast malt flavors and is subtly spiced with cinnamon, ginger, and allspice. It is a medium-bodied, well-balanced ale with a garnet amber color.

The spices are blended really well without being overwhelming. The beer is 5.81% alcohol by volume, and it’s available on tap at all McMenamins establishments throughout December.

BeerAdvocate score: only 1 review; 3.6/5. RateBeer score: 3.25/5, 60th percentile.

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