Advent Beer Calendar 2007: Day 20: Gift of the Magi

Gift of the Magi (label) - from BeerAdvocateWhen I hear "Gift of the Magi," I think of the O. Henry story rather than the Three Kings that inspired this Lost Abbey beer. However, this beer sounds awesome (in true Lost Abbey fashion):

It seems that everyone knows the story of the Three Kings. Sent to follow the star in the sky each brought a gift for the baby they sought. One King brought Gold, the other Frankincense and the other Myrrh. Many breweries produce a Christmas Seasonal beer and this is our beer to celebrate the holiday season. Gold in color and bittered with the bark of Frankincense, we have even used the smallest amount of Myrrh which is an herb that has roots in ancient winemaking as well. A massive Golden Ale fit for a king (or Queen) we offer the Gift of the Magi each holiday season.

This year’s version is a hearty 9% Bière de Garde conditioned with Brettanomyces yeast. Also like many Lost Abbey beers, this one is among the rare; only 170 cases were brewed. Get it while you can.

BeerAdvocate score: 8 reviews, 3.98/5, 100% approval. RateBeer score: 3.7/5, 91st percentile.

Image credit: ganked from BeerAdvocate.