Advent Beer Calendar 2007: Day 4: Fuller’s Old Winter Ale

Fuller's Old Winter AleNothing says Winter Warmer like an English ale, so I decided for Day 4 to go with a classic: Fuller’s Old Winter Ale, a 5.3% alcohol seasonal available December through January.

This is a full, malty beer with nutty overtones and dark chocolate character well-balanced with classic English hops. Perfect for settling down next to the fire on a cold, snowy day, perhaps with a slice of Christmas fruitcake.

As Michael Jackson wrote:

It has a dark orange colour and Fuller’s typical interplay of appetising flavours: in this case, fruity yeastiness; earthy, herbal hoppiness; and a big, firm, nutty, sweetness that suggests crystal malt. Slips down with perilous ease. My choice to welcome this new year, at my local pub.

BeerAdvocate score: 85/100, 100% approval. RateBeer score: 3.34/5, 73rd percentile.