Advent Beer Calendar 2006: Day 18: Hochstift Weihnachts Bier

Hochstift Weihnachts BierI wanted to pick a German beer somewhere along the way, and settled today on Hochstift Weihnachts Bier, a Christmas-themed Bock ("Weihnachten" is "Christmas" in German). What can I tell you about this beer? Not much, since the page is entirely in German and there’s only one review so far on its BeerAdvocate page.

No matter. Weihnachts is at 5.2% alcohol, which I’m thinking would make a nice aperitif to the Christmas dinner.

And, trivial fun: Bocks are often traditionally associated with Capricorn, the sign of the goat. The dates for Capricorn are December 22 through January 20… just in time for Christmas. :)