Advent Beer Calendar 2006: Day 15: Young’s Christmas Pudding Ale

Young's Christmas Pudding AleThis sounds good, which is why I picked it for today: Young’s Christmas Pudding Ale. Their own website speaks highly of it:

If you are seeking a feisty ale to accompany the season’s festivities, look no further than Young’s Christmas Pudding Ale. It’s so magnificent and merry making that you will want to put it in a bowl and pour brandy sauce all over it.

With it’s warming, dark ruby character and splendid luscious flavours of dried fruit, Young’s Christmas Pudding Ale is an inspirational addition to a traditional Christmas feast or fire-side gathering.

Bold statement! Fortunately, the BeerAdvocate reviews back it up. There’s not enough to compute a final score, but all the reviews are positive and yes, it sounds like the beer tastes like a rich, almondy Christmas pudding.


  1. Banana Bread Beer? I haven’t heard of that… sounds interesting. Though a friend of mine brewed a banana wheat beer once, that was pretty good.

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