Advent Beer Calendar 2006: Day 20: La Choulette de Noël

La Choulette de NoëlToday I’m picking another beer that I also selected last year: La Choulette de Noël. This Bière de Garde from France is, like all of this style, very complex and subtle at the same time. Their page notes,

Habillée d’ambre brun aux chatoyants reflets cuivrés, coiffée d’une belle mousse beige et dense, telle est la Choulette de Noël qui, pour cet hiver 2006, ravira palais et papilles.

Which roughly means, "Amber brown in color with sparkling copper highlights, topped with a beautiful thick head of beige, the winter of 2006’s La Choulette de Noël will delight the tastebuds." You bet it will.

The BeerAdvocate reviewers score it 85/100, with 97% approval.