Advent Beer Calendar 2006: Day 2: Bison Gingerbread Ale

Bison Gingerbread AleToday’s pick is Bison Brewing‘s Gingerbread Ale. (Insert "run run run just as fast as you can!" joke here.) This sounds really good to me… on their site, they describe it as:

Our spiced holiday porter is brewed with ginger, nutmeg, and a touch of cinnamon, yielding the aroma of fresh baked Gingerbread men! The chewy, dark malt flavors are sure to smooth out that dinner with the in-laws.

The BeerAdvocate reviews mention the gingerbread aroma, as well. This sounds like a good dessert beer to me—with flavors of gingerbread, chocolate, spice, and some coffee, I don’t think you could miss. And I liked how well Bison did their Chocolate Stout, so my confidence in this beer is high.

Incidentally, the BeerAdvocate score is 82/100, with 86% approval.


  1. Your Gingerbread Ale came in a mixed package at Xmas. Just tried it and I’m going to alert my daughter and her husband who live in Mill Valley about your outstanding brew. Will be making a trip there soon. Great stuff!!!! Keep it up.

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