Advent Beer Calendar 2017: Day 22: Füchschen Weihnachtsbier

Füchschen Weihnachtsbier

Today’s Advent beer selection comes from the heart of Altbier country, Düsseldorf in Germany, and the Füchschen Brewery—their Christmas Alt, Füchschen Weihnachtsbier. I love the idea of a quaffable, sessionable holiday Alt, at only 5.2% alcohol by volume (compare to their standard Alt at 4.8%).

Just in time for St. Martin’s Day usually on Nov 10th, when German kids go trick-or-treating, we come out with our own adult treat.

5,2% alcohol makes it slightly stronger and more complex brew than our regular Alt.

On Christmas Eve we tap a limited number of kegs and serve them in our special beer sommelier glass.

Delightfully bitter with a hint of dried fruit and caramel.

A classic style befitting the holiday and one you can enjoy throughout the day.

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