Advent Beer Calendar 2017: Day 15: Baird Jubilation Ale

Baird Brewing Jubilation Ale

Baird Brewing launched in Japan in 2001 on a shoestring budget with a tiny brew system (30 liters). They’ve grown over the years, offering a solid lineup of classic beer styles as well as many interesting beers incorporating native Japanese ingredients. Their Christmastime ale is no different, and according to the website it was just released yesterday (the 14th), so today’s Advent beer pick is a nod to Baird and their Jubilation Ale.

This 8% ABV ale incorporates Japanese figs, cinnamon twigs, and red cane sugar. Owner and brewer Bryan Baird says of this beer:

Life is a fleeting thing. Each of us is here but a very short time. The older we get, the more clearly we comprehend this inexorable reality. And despite the sometimes awful travails and the always regular monotony of life, it remains a mysteriously beautiful thing. The end-of-the-year holiday season provides wonderful occasion for reflection and appreciation of the joy of living. At Baird Brewing, our appreciation of this joy is manifest in a celebratory Christmas-New Year season holiday brew which we call Jubilation Ale.

Malty rich and festively red-hued, Jubilation Ale derives its special character primarily from the addition of two wonderful indigenous ingredients: (1) fully ripened Japanese figs (ichijiku) and (2) cinnamon twigs culled from a Japanese nikki tree. The full bodied character combined with the attendant alcohol strength will warm the flesh just as it brings jubilation to the soul.

Well said. Cheers to a jubilant time of year!

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Baird Jubilation Ale

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