Advent Beer Calendar 2016: Day 24: Birra del Borgo 25 Dodici

Birra del Borgo 25 Dodici

Merry Christmas Eve! Today is the final day on the Beer Advent Calendar and I hope you enjoyed it this year! Today’s beer comes to us from Birra del Borgo in Italy, and their annual Christmas beer 25 Dodici. Birra del Borgo has been brewing distinctive beers with Italian sensibilities since 2005, and 25 Dodici is 9.5% ABV and, as they note, is an “intriguing pairing with Christmas cake.”

Our Christmas ale. Warm and enveloping, with a nice dried fruit nose, particularly of raisins and nuts. The mouth feel starts with caramel and chestnut honey notes and then lead torwards fruity notes of cherries and blackcurrant.

I love the play on the name,¬†as “Dodici” means “twelve” — literally, “25 Twelve” referring to Christmas day. This is the perfect beer to open up on the 25th (or even tonight!) and pair with that Christmas cake, or Christmas cookies.

On their Facebook page they also posted a cool “Merry Christmas” poster with this beer that is perfect for the season:

Merry Christmas from Birra del Borgo
Merry Christmas from Birra del Borgo (source: Facebook)


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