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Advent Beer Calendar 2016: Day 10: Samichlaus Classic

December 10 is National Lager Day in the U.S., so to celebrate I selected the best and best-known Christmas lager in the world for today’s Advent calendar pick: Samichlaus Classic from Brauerei Schloss Eggenberg in Austria.

Brewed only once a year on the 6th of December, this strong beer is probably the most famous beer of our brewery internationally, with a large contest among the growing number of beer connoisseurs. The very elaborate and long-lasting manufacturing process (10 months in the warehouse) makes it a real rarity. Samichlaus can mature in the bottle for many years, older grades gain in complexity and maintain their creamy-warm finish. (Translated from German)

Samichlaus is a whopping 14% alcohol by volume, and for a long time held the title of being the strongest lager in the world. Originally brewed at the Hürlimann Brewery in Switzerland and released in 1980, it returned every year until Hürlimann closed in 1997. Schloss Eggenberg revived the beer in 2000 with the collaboration of the original Hürlimann brewers, and has been brewing it annually ever since.

“Samichlaus” means Santa Claus in the original Swiss-German dialect, and St. Nicholas’ face graces the label along with the vintage. This is a powerfully strong, sweet, boozy, smooth, beautiful lager that will age very well should you choose to save a bottle for a future Christmas rather than drinking one now. (Well, it’s National Lager Day, so you should definitely drink one now!)

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