Advent Beer Calendar 2015: Day 12: St. Bernardus Christmas Ale

St. Bernardus Christmas AleHonestly, when it comes to Christmas beers, it’s hard to get much better than the Belgian traditions and I always comes back to including some of the classics in each year’s Beer Advent Calendar. This year we visit village of Watou, in West Flanders, Belgium, and the Brouwerij St. Bernardus for their lovely St. Bernardus Christmas Ale.

St. Bernardus Christmas Ale is a dark seasonal brewed in the classic ‘Quadrupel’ style of Belgium’s best Abbey Ales. (10,0 % ABV) Similar to all the beers from our brewery, it greets the drinker with the signature aroma of the St. Bernardus house yeast strain (in use since 1946!) Rivaling the complexity of the St. Bernardus Abt 12, St. Bernardus Christmas Ale offers a spicy, mint-like flavor profile exuding the tastes of warming alcohol, fermented molasses, apricots, licorice and marzipan that are highlighted by the perfect balance of brewing sugars.

The perfect companion to enjoy a (cold?) winter evening, with or without the company of your friends!

I would be very happy to find a bottle of this under the tree! Cheers!

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