Advent Beer Calendar 2014: Day 18: Thiriez Bière De Noël

Thiriez Bière De NoëlToday’s Advent pick comes from France, from Brasserie Thiriez located in the town of Esquelbecq, north near the Belgian border. Thiriez was founded in 1996 and is “situated on the grounds that formerly housed the Poitevin farm brewery, which was active and served the local area until 1945” (according to Wikipedia).

Each year they brew their Christmas ale—Bière De Noël, brewed to 5.8% abv and which may be in the tradition of a stronger brown ale, or perhaps even a Belgian dark ale—it changes up each year. Their own translation of their description is a bit choppy, so I cleaned it up a bit:

Christmas beer is a tradition.
At the beginning of winter, brewers of yesteryear finally had what they needed the finest fresh ingredients, and cold weather. They could brew an exceptional beer, principally amber and stronger, for Christmas.
At Esquelbecq, a special beer is created each year, according to the inspiration of the master brewer.

Brasserie Thiriez is situated in an historic barn—a true farmhouse brewery. Be sure to enjoy a northern French Christmas with a bottle of Bière De Noël.

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