Advent Beer Calendar 2013: Day 19: Redoak Christmas Cheer

Redoak Christmas CheerFor today’s Advent beer pick we head around the world and down under, to Sydney, Australia and the award-winning Redoak Boutique Beer Cafe, opened in 2004. Their Christmas Cheer is a 6.2% abv Winter Warmer that appears seasonally among their bottled beers.

Grandma’s Christmas pudding in a bottle
This beer is a rich full bodied dark ale with all the delicious ingredients of our grandmother’s pudding. A 5th generation recipe from Cork, Ireland has bee used. The alcohol content will please whilst the aroma and flavour will certainly surprise you.

Christmas puddings are conceptually similar to fruitcakes, so I would infer ingredients used in this beer include raisins and other dried fruits, as well as spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ginger. Even if you don’t like fruitcakes (or Christmas puddings) this should still tickle your fancy for a charming holiday ale.

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