Advent Beer Calendar 2013: Day 16: Grand Teton Coming Home

Grand Teton Coming Home 2013

For today’s Advent beer pick we head into Victor, Idaho near the Wyoming border to visit Grand Teton Brewing, which has been brewing a wide variety of craft beers for 25 years. Starting out as Otto Brothers Brewing in 1988 in Wilson, Wyoming, the brewery is credited with re-introducing the growler to the craft beer world in ’89 with the modern 64-ounce glass jug version.

The last few years have seen the release of their Coming Home Holiday Ale series, intended as a “special beer… for enjoyment with special friends on a special occasion” and one who recipe changes from year to year along with the label. For this year’s 2013 version is:

Brewed in the Belgian Dubbel tradition, this year’s Coming Home Holiday Ale is big and bold yet imminently drinkable. Coming Home 2013 features celebratory flavors of dark sugar and raisins and a spicy, dry finish. It was brewed with pale and brown malts plus special dark candi sugar. The sugar addition provides a sweet aroma and dark fruit flavors without the cloying thickness typical of all-malt brews. Coming Home 2013 was fermented with ale yeast from a Belgian Trappist monastery to add hints of nutmeg, clove and other holiday spices. At 7.5% ABV this is an ale to be savored, enjoyed with friends over a holiday meal or paired with flavorful cheeses.

I love the imagery the label and name conjures up, of coming home for Christmas and (as the original label theme intent), “‘Life in the Tetons’ for the winter and holiday seasons.” This would be a fine beer to share with friends and family during the holidays!

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