Advent Beer Calendar 2012: Day 17: Geary’s Winter Ale

Geary's Winter AleIf I were to ask what your concept of a “classical” or “traditional” Christmas were to be, what would come to mind? For myself, it’s probably the idea of Christmas in New England, with snow falling outside, candles in the windows of the Colonial style homes, roaring fires in huge hearths, trees decorated with popcorn on thread, and so on. Something akin to the imagery usually depicted with “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas,” and I suppose that along with the fact that it’s one of the oldest regions of the U.S. give it that traditional air.

New England also has a strong English-influenced beer tradition, and if any one New England brewery is steeped in that tradition, it may well be Maine’s oldest craft brewery, D.L. Geary Brewing. Accordingly, today’s beer is Geary’s Winter Ale, an English-style India Pale Ale that is 6% abv.

Geary’s Winter Ale is a well balanced and more aggressive bitter, both in alcohol and hop character, without being overpowering. It is dark gold and coppery in color with moderate carbonation. Malt flavors are toasty and fruity, resulting in a tasty blend with firm body balanced by English hops.

I can definitely see a traditional New England Christmas accompanied by a classic English-style beer like Geary’s, right up there with Christmas goose and fruitcake.

Untappd. Facebook. BeerAdvocate: 80/100. RateBeer: 2.89/5, 37th percentile.