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Advent Beer Calendar 2009: Day 12: Solstice D’hiver

Image copyright 2009 Brewed for Thought

Today’s pick comes from beer blogger and writer Mario Rubio, who authors Brewed for Thought (his main blog) and also writes for and Hop Press (which he also organized).

Mario picks Solstice D’hiver from Brasserie Dieu du Ciel in Quebec, Canada. He has the full writeup on his blog:

Translated as the Winter Solstice, Solstice d’hiver is perfect for the season. Once I opened the bottle, I was hit with aromas similar to scotch. Sharp roast and stinging hops strike at the surface of this beer. Alcohol and fruit play together throughout the flavor with an equally sharp finish. Hops dance lightly on the tongue as alcohol leaves a lingering burn.

Mario’s been doing good things lately, so after you read his full post, check out the rest of his site, as well—think of it as an early Christmas present to yourself.

BeerAdvocate: B+. RateBeer: 3.75/5, 96th percentile.