Advent Beer Calendar 2011: Day 4: Jenlain Bière De Noël

Jenlain Bière De NoëlToday’s beer comes from the venerable Brasserie Duyck in France: Jenlain Bière De Noël. This is a Christmastime Bière de Garde style of beer, brewed darker than the Brewery’s flagship Ambrée, 6.8% alcohol by volume, and is rich, spicy, and flavorful—indeed I found hints of bubblegum in the flavor and found it very enjoyable.

Brasserie Duyck has been brewing since 1922 when they released their flagship ale, claiming the same recipe in use since they were founded. I don’t know exactly when the Bière De Noël was introduced, this bit from Duyck’s description gives a clue:

The tradition of Christmas beers is particular to northern France. In the years following the Second World War, the breweries used to sell an original, richer and stronger beer at the same price as year-round beers: this was their gift to their customers.

I like the imagery of that paragraph even if a bit vague (and questionably accurate in its history). Regardless, this is a lovely ale perfectly suitable for accompanying your Christmas dessert(s).

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