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Advent Beer Calendar 2009: Day 22: Weeping Radish Christmas Bier

The Christmas Doppelbock from Weeping Radish Brewery was one I featured the first year I did this Advent Calendar and I thought it was time to highlight this again. Hence, Weeping Radish Christmas Bier is today’s pick.

Weeping Radish is North Carolina’s oldest microbrewery, and they’ve focused on producing Reinheitsgebot-compliant German-styles of beer. Their Christmas Doppelbock is brewed with “over 50% Munich malt” and is 8.2% alcohol by volume: strong and rich, a nice seasonal accompaniment to just about anything on your holiday menu.

As I noted way back in 2005’s Calendar, this beer also has the distinction of being North Carolina’s first high-alcohol brew produced when the state raised its alcohol limit from 6% (by volume) to 15, in that same year. Quite a nice Christmas gift (Christmas miracle?), if you ask me.

BeerAdvocate (1 review): C+. RateBeer: 3.21/5, 61st percentile.