Abyss tasting

A couple of weeks ago I invited a few friends and colleagues over for a special vertical tasting of Deschutes Brewery’s The Abyss Imperial Stout; I had been stockpiling the beer ever since it first came out (though I only had two bottles from the first year, 2006) and with the release of 2013 decided that its was time to put together an eight-year flight.

Aside from a few pictures, some notes:

The 2006 held up much better than I’d hoped; the one we drank last summer I had thought might be past its prime, so my expectations were adjusted accordingly, but these two bottles (yes, we opened both, and that was the last of them) were in fantastic condition. 2006 might have been my favorite just for this revelation alone.

Although the 2007 was, technically, even better, and generally the favorite of everyone. I remember from years past that 2007 was a memorable year, and honestly, it still is. Amazing how well it holds up.

The 2009 bottles we opened were all spiked with Brettanomyces, and I really like that character in this beer. Reception of the Brett was a mixed bag, and it was certainly educational for people to gain a different perspective on such a different flavor profile from all the rest.

2 bottles of 2006 Abyss

Interestingly, the 2006 bottles were the only Deschutes bottles anyone can remember with orange caps!

Abyss vertical

That’s a lot of Imperial Stout to drink…

Abyss vertical

Finally, I had to get the cool shot.