A first look at Southern Oregon Brewing

Two months ago I’d come across the news about the opening of Southern Oregon Brewing Company down in Medford. There’s now a first look at the brewery—not by me (unfortunately!), but from the Pacific Brew News Blog:

Located behind a bowling alley (and back a couple blocks), Southern Oregon Brewing’s building looks industrial, with sheet-metal sidings and a small parking lot. The only real sign telling you you’ve arrived is the grain silo with their logo, standing just outside the front doors. As you walk in the place transforms, with a slick bar area available for those looking for a fresh pint or sampler platter. There isn’t a pub feel here, no food save for the nuts and chex mix on the counter. While the place is comfortable, the only appeal is for those out to sample their beers.

They had four beers on tap, including an interesting sounding seasonal:

Their seasonal offering was a unique one, to be certain; a spiced beer. Now, I know that spiced beers this time of year aren’t necessarily ‘unique’, but this used star anise, showing off a massive licorice aroma that somewhat betrayed the taste, which was subtle and in no way palate wrecking.

Pictures, too. Good stuff. I don’t know the next time I’ll be in Medford, but I know where I’m going when I’m there.