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2nd Annual High Gravity Extravaganza at McMenamins Old St. Francis School

This Saturday, January 17, in Bend, Oregon is the second annual High Gravity Extravaganza hosted by McMenamins Old St. Francis School—a mini-brewfest celebration of high gravity (strong) beers, featuring 22 breweries in all—10 McMenamins breweries, and 12 Central Oregon breweries.

The Extravaganza runs from 1pm until 10pm, with brewers on hand to pour and talk about their beers until 5pm. The package is a special glass and tasters, like the traditional brewfest, but the taster management is fairly unique: you purchase a punchcard with 10 punches, one per taste which costs $1.50 (so $15 in all), which gets punched each time you get a sample—no need to manage tickets or tokens. They did the same last year and I have to say, it worked really well. If you want additional tasters, you will need to purchase an additional punchcard however.

This is a fantastic invitational fest. I attended the inaugural High Gravity Extravaganza last year, and it was a great event, and I expect this year to be as well. Besides the beers and brewers there will be live music starting at 3pm. And food is available of course from McMenamins.

They have the beer list posted on the event page; here’s the roundup, by brewery/location, beer name/style, and strength. If you want the full description, go to their site.

Bend is the place to be this weekend, and this is going to be a terrific event! If you can possibly make it to this Extravaganza, do so—you won’t be sorry.