Monthly Archives: August 2013

Day 1 of Little Woody is in the bag

Yesterday’s foray down to the opening of Bend’s Little Woody was quite a lot of fun and successful; I missed last year’s event (I was in Florida looking for beer in between the family vacation moments) so my sense of scale might be off, but this year’s event (their fifth one, which is noteworthy) seems much bigger than before. The album I’ve added below gives a good sense of how the evening went: big crowds, … Continue reading →

The Little Woody (2013) beer list

The Little Woody kicks off today in Bend and this year they have 19 breweries represented (most of them are from here in Central Oregon), and all of them are pouring a fantastic selection of beers—the best taplist I’ve yet seen from The Little Woody over the years. (As well it should be!) Here’s a list I’ve put together of what breweries are present and what they’re pouring—if I didn’t indicate where they are from, … Continue reading →

The next Session: What’s with the USA?

The next edition of The Session is coming up in a week, on Friday, September 6th, and this time around it’s being hosted by Ding of dingsbeerblog, and he asks,¬†What the hell has America done to beer? Anyone with any inkling of my online, in-person and blogging presence in the American beer world since 2000, will know that the whole of my beer experience in that time has been colored by, sits against the backdrop … Continue reading →