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Bike to Brew Chapter One: East Bay

A little background to this post… one of the things I love most about living in the Bay Area, especially compared to Southern California, is how commutable the area can be without a car. While hosting a pretty darned good mass transit system, San Francisco often ranks fairly high on lists of “most bike friendly city in the United States” and I can confirm this being true as a daily bike commuter. There’s another list, … Continue reading →

Central Oregon Beer Week 2013

I have been noticeably lagging on my blogging lately, and this is what has been taking up all of my spare time: planning this year’s Central Oregon Beer Week! This year is the second year for COBW, and we’ve been working hard to make it the best possible Beer Week that we can, and we’ve been lining up a terrific slate of events and a ton of fantastic sponsors to do so. The dates are … Continue reading →

Catching up on Deschutes items

I am shamefully behind on blogging in large part because I am helping plan this, which I will have a post about soon; in the meantime here it is May already and I’ve got a couple of outstanding notes about Deschutes Brewery from April. The first is the usual PR/received goods disclosure that I run whenever I receive beers or other marketing things from breweries: Yes indeed, the 2013 edition of Twilight Summer Ale, a … Continue reading →

The Session #75: The Business of Brewing

I am late with my Session post this month, not for any lack of interest in the topic but because I’ve been entirely too busy with other things (all related to beer fortunately!). This month the Session is being hosted by Chuck of allbrews, and he’s come up with a topic that is interesting but might have been a bit difficult to write about for the average beer blogger: The Business of Brewing. Like sandlot baseball players or … Continue reading →

Oregon Garden Brewfest weekend wrap up and review

Last weekend’s trip to Silverton for the Oregon Garden Brewfest was fantastic: perfect weather, amazing location, bigger-than-ever festival, great Thursday night Brewer’s Dinner. This has become one of my must-attend events (something I’d already decided pretty much after last year’s Fest, but this trip cemented that for me) for all of those above reasons, plus it’s so low-key; as I wrote last year: …people were having a good time, without the crazy loud crowd scene that was … Continue reading →