Monthly Archives: March 2013

Checking out Solstice Brewing (Prineville)

Several weeks ago my wife and I finally made the trek out to Prineville in the heart of Central Oregon (true story; Prineville was the region’s “metropolis” over a century ago) to check out Solstice Brewing, Prineville’s one-and-only brewpub. Though open for a about a year and a half now, they’ve only been brewing their own beers in-house for a few months, so with a free weekend we decided it was time to visit. The … Continue reading →

Bend’s The Growler Guys debuting an exclusive beer

Bend’s first growler fill station, The Growler Guys (who were the first growler station in Oregon and essentially kicked off the fill station craze), have teamed up with Silver Moon Brewing to produce an exclusive specialty beer that will only be available on tap at the Growler Guys. Here are the details: How many of us have come to love our Growler Guys manager Dolly Haney? We love her enough to create a beer in … Continue reading →