Monthly Archives: November 2012

Sunriver Brewing Company

A couple of weekends ago my wife and I headed down to Sunriver to take in a little potential shopping and to check out and have lunch at Sunriver Brewing Company, the one-and-only brewpub in Sunriver that opened back in the first part of July. The shopping turned out to be a bit of a bust but the lunch was good and I was happy to finally see what they’re up to.

International Stout Day is tomorrow

Tomorrow, November 8, is the second annual International Stout Day: a day to celebrate the iconic stout beer style by participating either by attending one of the various events or┬áhoisting a glass and sharing with the online community on Facebook and Twitter (via the hashtag #StoutDay). Untappd also has a new badge for their service; when you check in tomorrow with a stout, you’ll earn the International Stout Day 2012 badge. It’s definitely as much … Continue reading →