Monthly Archives: November 2012

The next Session: Beer hype

The Session for December has been announced, and it’s being hosted by David of Good Morning… with a topic I don’t believe we’ve covered yet: Hype. First he starts with a story of sharing a¬†Westvleteren 12 and finding it perhaps not the best beer in the world, leading to the question: If I had told them it was the best beer in the world, would their perceptions have changed? How much does hype have an … Continue reading →

Oregon’s cornucopia of new breweries

When it comes to “Oregon beer” the areas that tend to get the most attention are, understandably, Portland (for obvious reasons), Bend (the new hotspot), and Eugene (fueled by the likes of Ninkasi and Oakshire). It’s easy to overlook much of the rest of the state, and particularly when a new, smaller brewing operation opens with little fanfare, easy to miss such openings entirely—you blink and three more breweries have sprouted up! I’ve been observing … Continue reading →