Monthly Archives: October 2012

Reviews: 3 more pumpkin ales for Halloween

This being the week of Halloween, I figured I would run review trios of pumpkin beers this week (I’ve been drinking a lot of pumpkin!) in the vein of last week’s post. “Spice” seems to be the theme of these three particular reviews, even moreso than the pumpkin. Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin Ale This is the first time I’ve seen Sam Adams’ pumpkin beer here in Central Oregon; it was part of a mix 12-pack … Continue reading →

Worthy Brewing progress, late October

It’s been a long while since I posted any updates to the progress of Worthy Brewing Company over on the east side of Bend, and based on the last update the progress is amazing. Here was the brewery site in May: And here is how it’s looking now, as of late October (click to embiggen): As I understand it, everything is on track to be completed by the end of the year, meaning the target … Continue reading →

Apocalypse Beer: How to Ferment Anything

Did that catch your attention? Good! Understanding fermentation is a key component to making beer (indeed, any alcohol) but it turns out, the formula for fermentation is really pretty simple: Water + Sugar + Yeast = Alcohol You might think that the yeast is the biggest unknown here, but in reality wild yeasts are abundant in nature and many fruits by themselves have an abundance of yeast naturally present on them that will start fermentation … Continue reading →