Monthly Archives: September 2012

Brewzzi, West Palm Beach, Florida

At the beginning of this month we spent Labor Day weekend in Palm Beach, Flordia, on a family vacation (which I wrote a bit about here). Florida is, by and large, a craft beer wasteland (particularly when compared to Oregon) but the Palm Beach area does have one brewery (in West Palm Beach specifically): Brewzzi, located in the City Place mall. It is one of two locations (the other being in Boca Raton) which technically … Continue reading →

The next Session: Novelty Beers

I nearly missed this the first time around, since the October Session was announced in August, but next month’s Session is being hosted by Tiffany Adamowski over at 99 Pours, and the topic she’s selected is “Novelty Beers“: With the onslaught of even weirder beards…erm…beers…than before, I can’t help but wonder if novelty beers are going too far. Or maybe not far enough? LOL! As a merchant of beer, I can see the place for novelty beers, … Continue reading →