Monthly Archives: August 2012

Notes and images from the Bend Brewfest

I was able to get down to the Bend Brewfest for a couple of hours last night, and snapped a number of pictures and have a few thoughts as well: As with many fests, the earlier the better: there weren’t many people there when I first got there which makes for a nice time with no real wait for beers, running into people you know, etc. There are more food carts on hand than I … Continue reading →

Gigantic Brewing

During the Oregon Brewfest weekend we visited one of Portland’s newest breweries, Gigantic Brewing, which has become the darling of the Portland beer scene (since even before they opened officially in April) for their fantastic IPA and the big personalities of the two principals, Ben Love and Van Havig. Interestingly, unlike many other Portland brewing establishments of late, Gigantic isn’t a brewpub—they are a production brewery with a tap room, no restaurant, located in southeast … Continue reading →