Monthly Archives: July 2012

Oregon Brewfest beer list

The Oregon Brewers Festival is now one week away so it’s time to start looking at the beer list and making plans! I’m examining the full list (which appears below) and I’ve done an informal tally of styles. This year definitely seems like the Pale Ale/IPA fest—there are some 27 beers that can fit into these categories—with a strong fruit-and-summertime showing as well; not too many darker beers this time around—though these might show up … Continue reading →

The next Session: The One Beer

The Session topic for August has been announced; it’s being hosted by Craig over at Drink Drank, and it’s an idea I really like the more I think about it: The One Beer to Rule Them All. What if you were to design the perfect brew—a Tolkien-esque One Beer to Rule Them All. The perfect beer for you, personally. Would it be hoppy and dark or strong and light? Is it augmented with exotic ingredients … Continue reading →