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OBF (2012) Day 1 – The Beers

The first day of the Oregon Brewers Festival for 2012 is in the books, and it was a good one! We arrived in Portland and checked into the hotel early, and managed to make it down to the Brewfest by about 12:30 or so, and with our friends Paul and Sandi we stayed until about 5:30—trying a good number of beers along the way, of course! I managed to make it through 10 of the … Continue reading →

Pregaming OBF: Deschutes Black Butte XXIV

Today was Deschutes Brewery’s big release of this year’s anniversary ale, Black Butte XXIV—with bottles for sale all day, a special menu, and samples starting at 5—we swung down to try the new beer in a kind of “pregame” for the OBF tomorrow. I didn’t pick up any bottles (yet) but got the next best thing: a vertical sampler flight of Black Buttes! For $20 the sampler tray came out with: Black Butte Porter (original … Continue reading →

OBF Survival Guide

It’s been awhile since I’ve written this type of post so I figured it was high time to write up an event “survival guide” with tips, hints, and advice I’ve gleaned over the years I’ve attended the Oregon Brewers Festival. The best times to go are Thursday and Friday early—right when the Brewfest opens. “Best” is of course a subjective term but for beer geeks (like myself) these will be the times with the least … Continue reading →

OBF Must-Try Beer Picks (2012)

Each year before the Oregon Brewers Festival I go through the beer list and make note of the “must try” beers that I plan on seeking out—usually ones I haven’t had, and often by breweries that are new to me. I usually do a pretty good job of hitting most of them too, though inevitably there’s always some varying depending on the situation (and convenience). Here are my must-try picks for this year; even though … Continue reading →

OBF Week!

I’m taking the week off from Oregon Beer News posts because this week it’s all about the Oregon Brewers Festival! I’ll be in attendance again this year and (as usual) have a number of things to write about it even before it starts this Thursday. In addition the beer list post from last week, for instance, I’ll also have my write-up of the must-try beers (ones that I’ll be seeking out for sure) as well … Continue reading →