Monthly Archives: March 2012

Session Beer Day is April 7

Lew Bryson is organizing Session Beer Day for April 7th—a community beer drinking day devoted to session beer, along the same lines of last year’s IPA Day organized by Ashley Routson. What to do? If you work at a bar (or manage one, or own one), please consider throwing some under-4.5% beers on for April 7th, and making a special price or promotion for them. Tell folks it’s Session Beer Day, and encourage them to … Continue reading →

Bend Beer: St. Patrick’s Day (2012)

It’s St. Patrick’s Day time again, and again at the behest of a loyal reader, I’m compiling a list of the appropriately-themed beers from Bend’s various breweries (and maybe a pub or two). Of course, an Irish-themed holiday usually calls for a Dry Irish Stout, but very few actually make that specific style so I’m listing each brewery’s house Stout (if they have one)—but of course, it’s the seasonals we’re after as well. And don’t … Continue reading →