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Apocalypse Beer: Which apocalypse?

Before we can get down to the “how-tos” of brewing beer in this new world, it would be helpful to examine a few of these apocalyptic scenarios to get a feel of what we’re up against and to determine how likely it is we’ll be able to brew in each case. Continue reading →

Zwickelmania Bend notes

Saturday saw a really good turnout for Zwickelmania here in Bend; between strong offerings from the established breweries and interest in the new ones, it was easily the best open house event yet. We weren’t able to make it to all the breweries, but we managed a good number and picked up a few interesting tidbits along the way.

Zwickelmania 2012

Today is Oregon’s fourth annual Zwickelmania event, the statewide “brewery open house” celebrating the state’s great beer culture, all organized by the Oregon Brewers Guild. Continue reading →

Oregon Beer News, 02/17/2012

Oregon Beer News for Friday, February 17, 2012. News in beer and brewing from all around Oregon, including events, tastings, festivals, and more. If you have news to share, let me know! Continue reading →